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Welcome to my resource page. I am a Community Worker in Virginia. I meet many people in my work who need financial, household, vocational or personal help. Finding resources is not always easy as nonprofits, faith based and ecumenical organizations depend on donations to assist those who come to them with needs.  Most localities have resources that offer community support even if it is for a limited time or based on seasonal needs. 


There are Local, State and Federal agencies that provide assistance for those in need. The Local and State agencies depend on Federal funding that enables them to assist the community. It is important to use these resources first as it is possible funding is available to assist you or a new funding source has been formed. 


Resource Listings

Please click on the links to be directed to resources and locate your State for information.


Housing Assistance is provided by HUD and is available to poverty level and low income families and individuals. The poverty level is used to determine assistance.  For example, the poverty level for a household of four is an annual income of $25,750.  Federal and State agencies determine whether the annual income is considered before or after taxes which also affects the amount of assistance given. 


Food Assistance is provided by USDA .  Federal and State programs provide food assistance through various programs. Check your state guidelines for assistance.


Clothing /Household/Furniture Assistance is provided by Goodwill.  The charity of this organization is widespread and in the many communities it serves. Check your local store for assistance.


Financial Assistance is available for those who qualify.  See Health Finder for more details. 


Medical Assistance is available for those with limited income.  They can benefit from the medical assistance provider by Federal resources.  See US gov for details. 


Vocational Assistance service is offered through a Federal program. Check for eligibility in your state.


Legal Assistance is offered to low income families for specific needs especially unfair housing practices. Call your local agency for information.


Coping Skills are needed when going through challenges. Reach out and use these resources for assistance.


Meditation Resources are available. Try these relaxation techniques for support. 






My name is Mary.  I have been a Community Worker for over 15 years.  The work is emotionally difficult as you meet many who are living without basic needs.  Resources are available but are not always accessible when needed.  I hope the information listed here will be of help.  If you have resources you want added to the list, please send an email to maryartis@eandtservices.com